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Free shit at house-cooling - Swingin' through life

Will Da "Bass"
Date: 2008-11-04 17:30
Subject: Free shit at house-cooling
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Music:All my music from the old days
Tags:newyorkcity, sanfrancisco
This Friday is our House-Cooling party, and all the Fun! Free! Used! Crap! you can get when you show up.
Just found out today that my sis in Philly will be facilitating east-coast storage while we house-hunt. RAWK!

Here's is an evolving list.  Everything that isn't spoken for by the end of the evening Friday will go to Goodwill (or more likely, Sunset Scavenger)

AIWA stereo (CD player doesn't work well) Jayson called dibs
Many power cords
23-ish" TV with RCA + cable inputs.
Old cell phone cables/chargers/earpieces (Motorola, Sony-Ericsson)
Audio cables (mostly RCA, headphone, and combinations)
RCA multi-input switch
PS2 memory cards, wireless controller, DVD remote control

Computer stuff
Well-aged G4 Cube. Case doesn't even show a crack.
19" CRT monitor
USB port exander

60 GB FireWire hard drive. A bit loud, not fast enough to run WOW off of. claimed by Matt F
20 blank 2-sided DVDs, 40 blank CDs

Futon + Mattress - futon has one loose leg, easily repaired. Mattress is rather, shall we say, dense.
Ikea cheap (duh)  slatted queen (or full?) bedframe
Ikea queen (or full?) mattress, nice 'n' light.
Andy's old mid-size kitchen table wtih collapsible ends
2 folding wooden chairs
Set of 4 fold-up TV tables and stand
Industrial-style two-level office desk
Corner multi-media desk called by Danyol

Paper/Office supplies:
Pens, pencils up the wazoo
Folders, binders
empty journals, notebooks
Staple Gun Jayson called dibs

Board games:
Scrabble Jayson called dibs
Simpsons operation Mimi is claiming this
3-D Sydney Opera House puzzle

Pan-Asian cookbook (big, binding is split)
Random sci-fi, Anne Rice, poetry books
Never-been-read stanford undergrad books!
Cog sci/philosophy/gender studies/CS/linguistics books

Kitchen Items
Pizza stone and slider.
Electric Wok
Many tea boxes, including a couple "Moon-cycle" bags!
Sandwich Grill
Two-burner griddle
Fondue Kit + kerosene
Mostly unmatched mugs, plates, thermoses, ikea/tupper/disposable wear, utensils.
Partially-used spices
Last year's gingerbread decorating candy :)

Bike stuff:
couple inner tubes
Half-full oil/cleaning bottles.
Mud guards

Musical crap:
A wooden and a plastic recorder
Maya flute-y thing
about 40 records the Neighbor doesn't want
My CDs collection -  primarily alterna mainstream from 94-2001.
Some in cases, others in binders

Barbie-pink camping chair
single-mantle propane lantern, may need new mantle
flashlights, enviro lightbulbs, batteries

Stud-finder (hah hah!)
Other stuff

Various and Sundry:
Vacuum cleaner (small upright Dirt Devil, not strong enough for Neighbor)
Well-used K2 rollerblades for 9.5 shoe
Floor and desk lamps
Cheap poster frames
Stickers, glow sticks, other rave-ish crud
Certain of the stuffed friends

And finally, don't forget...
Shoe polish (woohoo!)

Oh yeah, and our apartment is for rent in late November, in the ballpark of $1500. Say if you want us to put in a good word for you!
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