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Plastic Recycling in SF - Swingin' through life

Will Da "Bass"
Date: 2008-06-08 11:51
Subject: Plastic Recycling in SF
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Tags:activism, environment, sanfrancisco
I was just informed that the recycling rules in SF have changed.

According to the SF Recycling website, the change is that plastic tubs can now be recycled. Oops, I was dumping those into recycling all along!

Why can't I put all plastic items in my blue cart?
Unfortunately, not all plastic is acceptable because there are not companies that will take it all from us, (even if it has the recycling arrows on the bottom). We do accept:
  • Empty plastic bottles (#1 thru #7). A bottle has a neck smaller then its base, (i.e.: soda, shampoo, catsup, detergent).
  • NEW: Plastic tubs and lids (#2, #4, & #5 only). Examples include yogurt, margarine and sour cream.
In the process of searching, I found an Oakland women's site with some great information. Especially her  FAQ and the pages linked from there.
  • where plastic comes from (I think I was just having a conversation with someone about whether plastic came from oil)
  • what can  be recycled, why recycling is downcycling
  • her experiences in trying to reduce consumption to 0 - she's had to give up tortillas since they ONLY come in plastic bags
BTW, one easy thing I can recommend to everyone is to always take your own re-usable bag(s) shopping. Just leave one in the car/entry/wherever so you have it when you need it.  I know, you say that you use the paper/plastic bags from each trip for home purposes, but we've been doing this a while, and really, we always have enough back-store.  I'll happily discuss with you :)

And yes, I'm no angel. As one twitterer famously said, uh, yesterday
"Until your tattoo ink and ironic hats can be shipped via fixie, I wouldn't get *too* smug about gas prices."
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